Glossier Supers vs. The Ordinary Serums

9 October 2018

I’ve recently come into an obsession with skincare. The question I often get is what I use on face, and how much everything costs. I’m not going to lie, good skin does come at a price (unless of course you are unbelievably blessed with great skin in which case, we hate you).

Glossier is a recent heavy hitter in the beauty/skincare world created by Emily Weiss (you may have seen her in that one episode of The Hills as “Super Intern”). As a brand, it prides itself by being a skincare line first, a beauty line second. It encourages the women to embrace their “au naturel” and simply using Glossier to enhance their natural beauty. However, for a brand that promotes skincare, Glossier has come under fire for its price points and the quantity of their product.  So much so that one of their former reps has even claimed to “Not waste your money”. See here.

The Ordinary’s founder Brandon Truaxe also does not stray far from the spotlight. After a slew of controversial Instagram meltdowns, wild accusations, and exposed emails, in recent news, Truaxe was discovered to have fired all the employees of his parent company Deciem. See all Deciem drama here. Yet in spite of its unpredictable CEO & Founder, The Ordinary has become predictably inexpensive in a market saturated with high price-point competitors.

So how really does The Ordinary and Glossier match up to each other? While I could probably go on for days about how every product from each brand measures up to each other, it is the each brands serums that seem to be the star of both sides!  Here, I’ll be reviewing how The Glossier Supers compare to The Ordinary’s three comparable serums!

The Hyaluronics

What it does: Moisturizes, plumps, increases elasticity

Super Bounce claims to bring the “bounce” back into your skin. And it is true! After a hard week, if my skin was feeling dry, pairing Super Bounce with my go-to facial moisturizer really helps bring the moisture back into any dry patches on my skin. The texture is thick, gel-like, pretty smooth and not super sticky yet simultaneously absorbs very well. I feel a noticeable difference the following day. I absolutely LOVE this product. The only downside is the $35 price point for a 0.5 fl oz. bottle.

Rating: A

The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2%+ B5 surprisingly was more viscous in terms of texture than Super Bounce (harbouring on the slimey side). The residue left my skin a little bit more on the sticky side , however, keep in mind it is meant to be finished with The Ordinary Natural Moisturizing Factors + HA ($6). Once I layed on NMF, it did fix the sticky issue. In comparison to Glossier, it definitely does its job for a $6 moisturizing serum, unfortunately, though I am being incredibly biased to say, it did not feel my skin feeling as smooth or moisturized as Super Bounce did.

Rating: B+

The winner : SUPER BOUNCE

The Vitamin C’s

What it does: brightening, evens out skin texture, potentially fades scars

For a Vitamin C serum, I was actually surprised at how watery this serum was. Vitamin C in its purest form is relatively volatile. Therefore, serums containing Vitamin C are often its’ derivatives, a gentler/stabler formulation of Vitamin C so it’s easier for our skin to absorb. Often times, our skin has varying tolerances for Vitamin C—some have no reaction, while others have lower tolerance for it which may cause some redness or stinging in the short term.  Super Glow seems to be a lower potency of Vitamin C, because I noticed virtually 0 stinging. Because it felt gentler to my skin (which could be due to my ability for higher Vitamin C intake), it may require repetitive use to see its benefits. I unfortunately didn’t see much of a difference between the initial use to towards the end of the bottle.

Rating: B-

Right away there is a noticeable difference between Super Glow and The Ordinary Ascorbyl Glucoside Solution 12% serum texture. As a water-soluble solution, it is much more viscous than Super Bounce. There is a noticeable heat following the application of the serum but I wouldn’t however describe the sensation as stinging. Like Glossier, The Ordinary’s formula is more-so buildable versus seeing overnight results. In stark contrast to Super Bounce, I noticed a brightening effect after about a week! Overall, very impressed with the quality of this serum.

Rating: A-


The Niacinamides

What it does: helps reduce the look of blemishes, redness, anti-aging

While I don’t typically have acne prone skin, I am not truly free from the grasp of hormone/stress induced pimples. For the times where my skin if less than perfect, Niacinamide is my holy grail. Super Pure was the cure for blemishes my skin was waiting for. It was fast absorbing and non-drying. In fact, it was actually very hydrating for an blemish reducing product. It not only cleared my skin up but also gave it a dewy finish.

Rating: A

In the most surprising turn of events, The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% worked just as well as Super Pure! With a price tag as sweet as The Ordinary’s the surprise of how well the serum worked was just as sweet. The texture of the serum is slightly thicker than Super Pure. It cleared my skin up after about a day without any dryness. The only major difference is its much slower at absorbing than Super Pure. Just be careful layering on too much, it does sometimes leave a white residue if you are a little heavy handed.

Rating: A

Winner: Tied


I would say you couldn’t go wrong with trying either brands, simply depends with price point, texture, ingredients you are most comfortable with. Both are definitely worthy of your #selfcaresunday!

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