Naomi Campbell Is The Face Of NARS' Spring 2019 Campaigns

19 December 2018

We've got huge news! Today, NARS Cosmetics announced that iconic supermodel Naomi Campbell, a longtime friend of François Nars, the brand’s Founder and Creative Director, is the new face of its Radiance Repowered Spring 2019 campaign. Early this spring, the two collaborated to create a series of four portraits photographed by Nars himself, capturing his expert artistry in radiant while jamming to the beats of Prince, Aretha Franklin, and Marvin Gaye. ICONIC. 

In an interview for NARS Cosmetics, Campbell reveals what its like to work with the brand. See the interview below. 

This will be your third campaign with NARS. Do you have one that stands out to you?

I love every campaign that I have gotten to be a part of. With each one you get to transform, which is always fun. 

Can you tell us a little bit about your relationship with François Nars?
François is like family to me and was one of the first people I met in my career. I am honoured to continue to be working with him 32 years later. I was thrilled when he started NARS. I believed in his dream and always knew he would be highly successful. 

Keeping in mind your long-standing history with the brand, what is it like to work with NARS?
As I said before, François and I are like family and the same goes for NARS. I am honoured to be a part of such an incredible brand for so long.

What is it like to work with François?
He is a true artist, not just a makeup artist. He paints and transforms you. When I first started it was hard to find colours that truly matched my skin tone. He created those colours. I remember he made me my own foundation when I started. 

What is a favourite backstage moment you shared with François?
There are so many backstage moments, it would be impossible to pick just one. But every time you work with him you feel transformed and inspired. 

What was the first NARS product you used? 
The first NARS item was the Honolulu Honey Lipstick he gave to me in the 90’s. And one of my favourites was the foundation he created for me. 

What are some of your favourite NARS products?
I love Mountain Soft Velvet Pressed Powder, Sophia Eyeshadow and the Highlighting Powders. 

Can you share with us what your beauty routine is like?
I always start with a cleaning cream and a little bit of liquid soap. I also use Vitamin C and rose oil on my face. 

What are some of your favourite beauty tips?
I love using a tinted moisturizer instead of a full foundation. NARS has the perfect one for my skin. One of my favourite beauty tips is to add a little bit of shimmer to the corner of your eye near your tear duct.
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