Is Barry's Boot Camp Worth The $32 Class?

15 February 2019

To sum up my experience: It’s sexy. It’s sweat-inducing and it’ll make you moan.

So what exactly is Barry’s Bootcamp? It’s one of Toronto's hottest and hyped up fitness studio that combines cardio with weight training and anaerobic exercise. Barry's claims you’ll burn up to one thousand —sometimes more—calories in one class (nearly half of the calories I’m supposed to eat in a day), tone muscles, maximize fat loss, increase your metabolism and the list goes on. Apparently, it’s all backed by science, oh, and their instructors' abs.

I’m always down for a good sweat sesh, even when it’s -30C outside in the dead of winter. I had already signed up to attend the class, and despite trying to talk myself out of going, I braved the elements and trekked to what would be the hardest hour of my life.

I entered the studio and I was amazed by their beautiful lounge area. Yeah, this is what a $32/per class environment should make you feel like. It was bright, modern and dare I say I was actually excited to try the class thanks to the uber-chic, open space environment. The lounge area worked both as a reception/check-in and a shop, where clients could purchase Barry's workout attire. I had high expectations for their change rooms, because hello this is not your regular schmegular Goodlife gym, and it did not disappoint. Seriously, I felt like I was in a spa changeroom. Once changed, the front desk gave me a number and briefed me on the class I would be doing which would be focused on working one’s core. The class was broken into two groups which would continuously switch throughout the class - one group on treadmills, and the other on the floor doing ab exercises. The took the Thursday class which was Ass & Abs day.

I entered the infamous Red Room I thought to myself, "holy shit, where am I?" Besides hot yoga, I’ve never worked out in a dark class, especially one that was backlit with red light. I found my number, and it turns out I would be starting the class on the floor. And in 3..2..1.. the class starts. The music is blaring, which made me feel like power through the entire class without actually hating my life! The instructor was super motivating, and would go around the room yelling at you to give your all and push you to your limits. Loved that. But then, it all went downhill when it was time to switch and I had to endure the dreaded treadmill.  

Onto the treadmill, I went. The treadmills are directly placed in front of a mirror so you ’re forced to look at yourself as you run for dear life. Apparently running on a speed of 5, 6, or 7 is considered a “jog”, and after you do this for a few minutes it’s time to spring at a speed of 8, 9, 10. First of all, I’m five feet and in my world, a speed of 5 is what I consider running speed. Let’s just say I full out felt like a hamster. To top it off, it gets really dark at times, so you better pick up the pace if you don’t want to fall off.

The workout finally came to an end, and you know what? I felt like a badass. The energy in the room was unreal. The music was so loud that I could barely hear myself grunting through the pain, and just to feel extra special I ended the night on a sweet note with a Skinny Bitch smoothie from the bar. I patiently waited for the soreness, and like clockwork, it came the next morning. I kid you not, I could not laugh for a few days. All in all, the experience was well worth it, and I encourage you to grab a few of your pals and make a day out of Barry’s workout. Hit the studio for a high-intensity workout then grab some brunch downtown for a post-workout binge. #Balance

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