Weed Be Good Together: Talking Cannabis and Intimacy

11 March 2019

Recreational marijuana is now legal, and it seems like Canadians are slowly starting to experiment with its many uses. One recent survey conducted by cannabis company Solei, one of Canada's leading recreational cannabis brands from Aphria, shows that while the overall numbers are still relatively low, more consumers are considering incorporating weed into their sex lives.

In fact, the survey of over 1,500 Canadians found that since it was legalized across the country in October 2018, only 1 in 5 adults say they have used cannabis, and 1 in 5 consume it once a month or more. Of those monthly consumers, whopping three-quarters said that they would be interested in sharing the experience with a romantic partner.

We spoke to Michelle Latinsky, Director of Education and Training at Aphria, about cannabis and intimacy. “I think a lot of people expected that come October 17th, the whole world was going to change when cannabis was legal, and I don’t think that’s the case. There are people who still feel very uncomfortable.”

The survey also revealed some interesting info on the demographics of consumers. Close to 50% of Canadian cannabis consumers are Millennials, and 37% belong to Generation X. Baby Boomers, however, who make up almost 30% of our total population, only account for 17% of monthly cannabis users.

“It’s gonna take more education, I think, with Gen X and Boomers to make them feel more comfortable and remove that stigma around cannabis and that it’s all about getting high. We know that’s not true anymore, but a lot of people still look at it that way,” Latinsky said. “I think Millennials are more understanding that there are other uses and benefits for cannabis. They don’t see the stigma the way other generations do because they didn’t grow up with it.”

Latinsky believes that talking about it is the first step to educating about cannabis. “I’ve seen the conversations shift and I’ve seen more people that are open to talking about it. We’re kind of in that first stage where just having conversations about it is a good thing.” She also noted that because it’s now legal, more medical and wellness research can be done on the psychoactive drug. “Over time, a lot of those benefits will come out and the stigma will move away.”

If you want to open the conversation about consuming cannabis with a romantic partner, you are not alone. “It’s okay to be open and ask questions. Whether you’re using cannabis for intimacy or other reasons, now is the time when people should feel more comfortable asking questions and searching for answers and learning more about it,” Latinsky said. The Aphria survey found that 33% of monthly Canadian cannabis users said they would use it to spice up their sex lives, so the idea is a pretty common one, and sharing the experience in a safe environment with a trusted partner might be something you want to try too. “A lot of people find just talking to their partner beforehand, and maybe consuming cannabis together can enhance the experience.”

From there, you can experiment together and see what works for you. And there are so many ways to do that, so there’s a perfect way to enhance those moments for everyone. We put together some ideas to help you get started!

The classic way to consume cannabis is by smoking dried flower, which can now be purchased legally across Canada. Solei Sungrown Cannabis, a brand launched by Aphria last year and available online in Ontario, has strains for specific ‘moments’ in your life. One, in particular, Sense, pairs nicely with getting intimate. “Share special moments and a laugh or two with this Sativa-dominant hybrid, perfect for connecting face to face,” Latinsky explains in one of Solei’s videos. Sense is similar to Sour Kush and is described as high energy, perfect for day or night. It has a medium-high THC content, and little to no CBD, so you can expect to feel relaxed, happy, and even a little excited. “We’ve had people say ‘if I’m going to have sex, which one of your strains should I try? The Solei Sense moment has been created around that.”

If smoking isn’t for you, vaporizing dried flower is another option that’s often seen as less harsh. “You’re still heating it, but not to the point of combustion, so in the process, you don’t get the same chemicals that you do from smoking,” said Latinsky. For a good dry herb vaporizer, check out the PAX 2, rated-highly and widely available for under $200.

Edibles are another option if you’re not into smoking or vaping. “Premade edibles aren’t going to be legal until October of this year, but you can still make your own edibles at home using dried flower,” Latinsky says. If you’ve never done it before, read our guide to making homemade cannabutter here. It’s easy to do at home and doesn’t take many supplies. But be aware that accurate dosing is incredibly difficult to do at home, so be careful with eating your homemade treats. “As a general rule, particularly for someone who is new to cannabis, everyone responds differently. Start low and go slow,” Latinsky recommended. “You don’t want to have too much and have a bad experience that inhibits your desire.”

For edibles with less guesswork, you can also legally purchase ingestible oils. “Cannabis oils are a great smoke-free option. You can apply them on or under your tongue,” said Latinsky. They’re usually coconut-oil based and generally flavourless so they can be incorporated in many recipes easily. Latinsky suggested adding a drop to your salad dressing or even using it to finish a stir-fry. Rise Oil from Cove is made from a Sativa-dominant hybrid and has a high-THC and low-CBD content, like Sense by Solei. However, it’s important to remember that smokeables and ingestibles can be very different experiences. “It takes effect differently than smoking cannabis. Where you might feel the effects of smoking a joint within the first 15 minutes, cannabis oil can take up to two hours for you to feel the effects.”

There are also ways to consume cannabis without actually putting it in your body! THC-infused topical products can be absorbed through the skin to make the experience more physical and intimate with your partner.

OMNI Melt Bath Salts contain infused Himalayan and Epsom salts, and 200mg of THC. It can help ease pain and make you feel more relaxed, making for “a truly sensual experience,” according to their website. It’s a great way to explore one of the many other uses for cannabis and can be a good starter if you’ve never used THC products before, but be understanding in how you share the experience with your partner so it’s a good one for both of you. “If you’re making a setting romantic and you’ve got some candles and bubble bath to set the mood, maybe have some cannabis there and say ‘Hey, can we try this as well?’ It kind of becomes part of the way you set that moment up,” said Latinsky. “For other people, it may just be having the conversation beforehand, people with a partner who maybe wouldn’t want to be surprised by that.”

To bring it into the bedroom, try Cannalife Botanicals’ Massage Oil. Cannalife Botanicals is a proudly Canadian company that makes its products using all natural ingredients and premium cannabis.  With its sweet orange and ylang-ylang scent, their Sensual oil can boost your energy levels, stimulate circulation, and have your mind and body feeling relaxed while keeping your skin moisturized. Massages can make for great foreplay if you take your time and really get to know your partner’s body, and introducing cannabis can help make it even more enjoyable. Existing research has already shown that cannabis and sex go hand in hand, especially for the ladies. “Some of the most positive effects of cannabis consumption show that it impacts female sexuality in two specific areas,” Latinsky explained. These areas are sexual desire, which is wanting to have sex, and sexual function, which is more about your satisfaction, pleasure, and the quality of your orgasms. Interestingly, the research is more conclusive for women than men. “The studies actually show that women respond more. It’s not conclusive, but some of the studies show it may even be more beneficial for women,” she told us.

For an even more intimate experience, try OMNI’s Orgasm Oil. Made by the same company as the bath salts mentioned above, this lubricant contains 400mg of THC distillate and is condom-friendly. The website even boasts that it “promotes multiple orgasms for women while prolonging male performance and intensifying the experience for all parties.”

Remember though, all of these products, like cannabis in general, are dose-dependent. Latinsky mentioned that in one study, 70% of female respondents said they had increased sexual motivation after smoking one joint, but it decreases after larger consumption. “I think it’s really interesting to note that you don’t want to have too much because it can have the opposite effect.” Moderation is key, especially for men. “Small amounts can enhance sexual activity, but if you have too much cannabis prior to sex, it can inhibit sexual motivation and cause erectile dysfunction,” she said.

Regardless of that, people are enjoying adding cannabis to their kinks. Almost half of the monthly users surveyed by Aphria agreed that they enjoyed sex more after consuming cannabis. It’s not for everyone, but it’s definitely something to consider trying. “I just think it’s going to take time, and that education is the key to moving away from that stigma.," Latinsky said. "I think it’s such an incredible plant with so many benefits, and we can all benefit to be educating people about it and be open to learning about it.”

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