Why Trusting the Process is Crucial for Your Happiness

15 April 2019

Picture this: you’re in your twenties, you spent years in school working towards a degree that’s irrelevant to your current work, and you’re unhappy with your job and want to make a switch. You want to put more time in at the gym, and you want to further invest in your hobbies, but you also want to pack your bags and book the next flight out to one of the many destinations that have been on your ever-growing bucket list. During all this, you also can’t seem to silence that burning desire to move into your dream condo in the city — All these wants at once are, naturally, driving you nuts and making you despise your current reality. This scenario is not far-fetched at all and actually resonates with an unfortunately alarming amount of people living in today’s North American society.

Life is easily and understandably overwhelming considering how fast-paced and competitive things are in this day and age, and the constant chase after immediate results can become exhausting. We are both explicitly and implicitly taught through various phases of our lives that we should always be thinking ahead, planning our next move and being wary of what’s to come. This constant focus on “tomorrow”, however, has caused a lot of our society, and our world as a whole, to forget about appreciating “today".

With the advancement of technology and the increased popularity of social media, we have (sub)consciously become fixated on comparing our lives to what we see online, and we’re often critical towards ourselves and what we have if we’re situationally not fit for the ‘gram. Not only does this lead us to build unrealistic expectations for our lives, but we also want what we see right away and tend to shy away if there’s more work involved in the process than what we originally anticipated. This is all thanks to short-term gratification, which has undoubtedly sabotaged the patience levels of a huge percentage of today’s civilization. Studies show that the digital age has drastically decreased society’s tolerance for frustration, making today’s people in individualized societies like ours far more irate and short-fused than ever before. This can easily be related to the fact that because we require instantaneous results as we continue to focus on the “next best thing”, we are greedily getting lost in what we don’t have yet without taking a second to soak in what we’ve managed to make ours.

Short-term gratification only suppresses our desires for a short while before we’re hungry for more - more money, more experiences, more love, and so on. The secret to breaking this cycle is this: patience. This virtue is what you should strive for instead of looking for short-term fixes because not only will the thrill last longer when you achieve something you’ve sought after, but you will also desensitize yourself to external pressures that could potentially interfere with your personal timeline. Just think about some of your fave Youtubers - we’ll use a couple of the OGs, Andrea Brooks (@AndreasChoice) and Lilly Singh (@iisuperwomanii), for this example - who worked relentlessly, day in and day out, video after video, happily creating with patience. They didn’t start with millions of views, but rather set realistic goals for themselves that snowballed overtime because their audiences caught on to the creators’ diligence, and how they trusted the process with their passions. Now they’re living their best lives and enjoying the fruits of their long-haul labour every single day.

Everyone’s growth happens at different rates, and things manifest sooner for some versus others. But if there's anything you can take away from this, it's this: with patience, perseverance, and a pinch of faith, happiness will come to you and last longer and hit deeper than you’ve ever known, and even your wildest dreams will become a reality — trust me. 

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